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At Tushar, we are committed to preparing our food fresh, from scratch, with all the best ingredients. We cook our soups right in our restaurant from raw ingredients, our salads are made from whole produce and house-made dressings.

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What is TUSHAR?


Tushar Express is a fast casual Brazilian restaurant, which means you order your food at the counter and in a few minutes you have your meal, and enjoy a delicious authentic Brazilian Food. We offer delicious and healthy food at fair prices in a stylish contemporary and inviting atmosphere. We also provide catering service for corporate and private events.

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Cooking is about passion, when you put emotion into what you do the final product represents what is truly in your heart.

Alacy Monteiro

Our Mission



We grew up as friends in that gorgeous place before we began our lifelong search, at first separately, for that which delights the soul as well as the taste buds.  We were reunited here in the United States, and began planning on how to share our native food and culture with the good people of Utah – a place we hold dear in our hearts, because the splendid mountains here remind us of our own precipices back home.

It has taken many years for us to achieve our dream of opening our own establishment, years in which we worked in other first-class Brazilian restaurants, helping to operate them at peak efficiency with the best of South American courtesy and flavor.  Now, at last, we are proud to open our own establishment and to offer you, our new customers and friends, the best in Brazilian food and drink!  We know you will savor the deep and robust flavors of Brazil from our own kitchen.  As we say in Brazil – “Comer saudavel e desfructar!”  Which means “Eat hearty and enjoy!”

Our People




Wagner Ribeiro has over thirty-five years of experience in the food industry.  He started out as a waiter and then a restaurant owner in his native Brazil.  His many outstanding achievements here in the United States include being General Manager at Brazeiro, in Phoenix, Arizona, when that restaurant received the Best New Restaurant Award from Phoenix Magazine in 2004.  In addition, he helped open the Rodizio Grill in Trolley Square in Salt Lake City, and was instrumental in formulating the original recipes at Tucanos, and the Braza Grill, here in Provo.  Mr. Ribeiro has an MBA from Thunderbird and has been certified by SENAC, a Brazilian national institution since 1981.





Mr. Monteiro began his culinary experience as a Boy Scout in Brazil.  By the age of 17 he could expertly handle many different dishes for his hungry Scout troop.  Mr. Monteiro brings to Tushar over 25 years of experience in such diverse areas as the military, financial managing, auditing, human resource management, and restaurant management.  For the past 13 years he has dedicated his time and talents to improving the dining experience of thousands, working in a variety of positions such as management trainer, kitchen management, grill supervisor and grill cook.  He has been involved in high-end restaurant management, to the tune of over 5-million dollars.  Mr. Monteiro holds a law degree from a respected Brazilian institution of higher learning, as well as a Masters in Banking from the United States.

Food is life.  We eat, we live, we enjoy.  Tushar’s food is about friends, family and felicidade.

Wagner Ribeiro

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Our Fans


Scott Bird
“Black beans and fried bananas were probably my favorite overall, but there wasn’t anything that I was displeased with. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanted to eat good food and a lot of it.”

Elizabeth Hales
“Super impressed with this restaurant. The owners are very friendly and generous and the service is excellent, the food is superb! I’ve been there twice and loved everything about it! Great place.”

Ana Bernards
“I am so thankful I hired Tushar to cater at my wedding. The food was amazing and people couldn’t stop eating. Wagner and his team are absolutely fantastic! They are professional, on time, and very concerned with the quality of their food.”

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